Stop Taking Advantage of Your Artists for the enlarged screenshots

Know what your time is worth.

It might be worth more than you currently value yourself. Evaluate your worth as an artist and visual communicator and stay true to that. That is the first step and that leads me in to the second thing

Be diplomatic with your to-be clients, but also be very firm.

You cannot let them think it is OK to walk all over you, devaluing your time, energy, and skill-sets.


No exception. Especially with friends and family you need to use this because your “friends” and “family” are usually the ones that try to use your time for free the most. People that you don’t know, more often, at least in my experience don’t try to imply you owe them free artwork and understand that this is your career more easily. You can download a template version of the contract I use for yourself and of course change it up to suit your specific needs. Contracts are extremely important. They not only protect you, but they also protect the client. It’s piece of mind for both parties and it helps both ends know exactly what is going to be involved in the commission. Timeframes, pricing, delivery and pickup… all of this is extremely helpful to both you and your client and it offers comfort. By both of you signing that contract, you both know you are both made a commitment and can hold each other accountable. A well thought out contract should be fair for everyone and cover the important details of the commission.



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